When you adopt you open up shelter space for another animal who might desperately need it 

When you shop you’re gratifying your ego and breeder’s wallet

Giving neglected animals a second chance when humans fail. Standing strong against hunting and all kind of breedings

1 %
number of purebred dogs compared to the total - increasing
1 %
adoption decreasing rate
1 %
number of huntingdogs exchanged-lost-disappeared per year

Meet Sunny

Sunny is a lovely 2 years and a half old, medium sized Lebanese Shepherd. Yes, ’cause he comes from the middle east country literally. He was shot by poachers and that’s why he’s got his backright leg been amputated. The vet had to leave him on the streets again, then we decided to “adopt” Sunny. Now he’s safe on a foster home in western Europe waiting for his lovely and forever family.



4 month old Jack Russel with Dachsund mix. Used to being with other animals and humans. Found starving in the countryside


3 months and half old. Medium size Sardinian Shepherd. Found in a supermarket bag at the service station on the highway with his brothers and sisters


Delta is 11 months old. Been found in a paper board floating in the river with her three sisters. Excellent dog only willing to have human contact and home. Spayed

About hunt and huntindog

             Revealing our position about hunt and all the tragedies related to the dogs hunters use, misuse and deprive from basic health conditions is something we cannot refrain from. You can also find the articleWhy we’re against legal hunting” by The wild Jepa