Age | Born August 2014
Sex | Female (Spayed)
Info | Asia is our last Very Urgent case; because when animals “downgrade” life quality levels they can lose emotional stability. Asia in the last two or three years (at least), absorbed a lot of negative energies  from her owner, that decided to abandon the dog for serious economical difficulties and depression related issues (There should be a law that condemn owners that leave a pet not to have another one for the next 5 years, to increase responsabilty – sure that vets and petshop’s owner won’t be happy though). She has passed from a sofa to a kennel in less than an hour. And the owner didn’t appear being worried of that. On the contrary she was afraid of the consequences of the dog’s property transfer. Very sad story, at the end. Asia is so sweet, extremely good with people and also with other dogs (not tested on cats at the moment). Vaccinated and spayed. Contact us for more informations on her adoption. 

Location | Bergamo, Italy

Contact | | call +39 34 72 72 39 87