Age | Born October 2015
Sex | Male (Neutered)
InfoHello there! My name is Blondie, yes I know it sounds very feminine but I assure you I am all male!! I was born here at Stray Haven, my mum is Cassie a pointer cross – you may already have met her. I am a creamy coloured Labrador cross, if you want to be really posh, you could call me a Labrapoin (just made that up). I am a very fit and happy dog and I have had all of my vaccinations. I do sometimes find it a little stressful when I meet new residents, but I do get over myself eventually. In the past I have shared a number of different pens and have coped well. I am looking for a lovely family to adopt me – could it be you? The Shelter also offers a ‘child test’ – this will enable us to see if the dog is comfortable around small or young children.     

Location | Paphos,Cyprus          Contact |,                                    | call 00357 96232855