All the following cats are ready for adoption.


When a cat has been adopted, we still leave him/her on this page for a range of time between 2/4 weeks. This is usually done to ensure that everything’s going well with the new family. When you find ADOPTED into picture’s description field, it means we’re crossfingering that everything’s will be fine with the adoption.


Basic rules when adopting a cat from ADS.

If you fall in love with one of these cuties just contact us via email, phone or whatsapp and we’ll put you in contact with the relevant Shelter, Charity, Organization or private person that saved him/her from the streets. If you like receving furthermore pictures of the animal you’d like to adopt, we might send you more pictures.
Sometimes happens that a cat is directly under Adopt Don’t Shop EU ownership.

Travels to the receiving family will be organized by the shelter itself or by Adopt Don’t Shop EU directly. All the relevant documents will be granted to the new owner (Cat’s Passport, Microchip, Vaccinations and Health Certificates) following departing and arrival country’s laws. Most of the cats currently in adoption under Adopt Don’t Shop EU are spayed and neutered (or they will be at the time of departure). If this won’t happen it means that you chose a puppy younger than 6 months or a cat with a specific issue which doesn’t allow spaying or neutering. When you adopt a puppy from Adopt Don’t Shop EU you will be asked to sign a document stating that you will be spaying or neutering the cat not later than 3 months from the adoption. All the other adoption directives follow the related group’s rules that owns the cat. They might change a bit depending on each country’s specific law.

Being a no profit service, you understand that all the expenses you might be asked to cover adoption costs are not always enough to cover them at all. Every single cent you will donate to Adopt Don’t Shop EU will be used for future adoptions, website costs or helping Shelters, Organizations and flight or ship volunteers.

**Please note that this website is updated weekly