Age | Born March 2015
Sex | Male (Neutered)
InfoHello Cruz here. I was left at the shelter as a young pup and feel very lucky to be here. I am a small dog, a mix of Dachshund and possibly Labrador!! I also sport a lovely Blonde coat. I am a very happy and healthy dog and have all my vaccinations up-to-date. I love to play ball but my favourite pastime is to be cuddled, especially when I am sat on one of the volunteers knees…bliss. I suppose you could say that I am a lap dog in real terms. Is your lap missing me…I do hope so. If you are interested in adopting me, please contact the Shelter staff directly. The Shelter also offers a ‘child test’ – this will enable us to see if the dog is comfortable around small or young children. We can also offer a ‘cat test’ to check and see if the dog is tolerant of cats/kittens.

Location | Paphos, Cyprus

Contact |,                  | call 00357 96232855