Age | Born January 2020
Sex | Male (Neutered)
Info | Enea was one of the victims of the Covid-19 first wave. Breeded to be sold in Naples area, once the lockdown became strict his smugglers dumped him the streets. And he was just 2 months old. Enea was lucky as a local activist saw him and understood that he couldn’t survive by himself in those days. Then we managed to move him to the north of the country, but since than we haven’t received the call we were waiting for. Enea is used to live togheter with other dogs and cats, he’s very active, and friendly. Looking forward to hear from you, the definitive lovely and amazing forever family for Enea! Enea is a medium to big size, neutered and in excellent healthy conditions. Thank you!

Location | Bergamo, Italy

Contact | | call +39 34 72 72 39 87