Age | Born October 2017
Sex | Female (Spayed)
Info | Hi there, how you doin’… My name is Little Euwy and I am a small, Jack Russell terrier – what I lack in size I make up for with my HUGE personality. I am predominantly white but I do have a couple of liver/red coloured patches. I came to the Shelter with my mum whenI was a few months old. I had been stuffed into a cardbox with my mum and another pup who, sadly did not make it due to suffocation whilst in the box, that makes me very sad. I do come across as very shy when you first meet me but, over time, once I have learnt to trust you, oh my life I am all over you like the proverbial rash!! I am a very cheerful and lively little dog but I can also be quiet when required (treats usually help as does a nice comfy knee to pass out on…:-) I am available for weddings, birthdays – nah only kidding.. I am available for adoption and very much hope that I will be chosen to go and live with my forever home soon. If you think i would make a welcome addition to your family, please contact us: the Shelter also offers a ‘child test’ and ‘cat test’ – this will enable us to see if the dog is comfortable around small or young children and cats.

Location | Paphos, Cyprus  Contact |,                                    | call 00357 96232855