Felix had been abandoned at the age of 5, because he was ill in someway, by an Italian family. Basically they didn’t want to cure him. He was (as usual) welcomed by activists in the province of Bergamo which treated, sterilized and looked after him for about a year. Some requests for adoption had also arrived, after all Felix is a Labrador (even if not exactly come out with the trappings of the “race”), from people who were looking for “the Labrador”, but were either discarded by us or were discarded by themselves … Thanks to a decades-long collaboration between members of our network, it was later possible to transfer Felix to a shelter in Austria, which had him adopted by a local family. These are the greatest satisfactions for us, we never imagined we could see Felix jump and be a dog again… being himself, instead of a pet object taken as a puppy to satisfy the vices of the ignorants and then abandoned at 5 years old for no apparent reason.



Felix, who looked older two years ago 🙂 It would be interesting to show these photos to his former owner !!