Age | Born August 2017
Sex | Male
Info | Gioacchino has been through a lot of misfortunes and for this reason he is a little insecure and anxious. His secret dream is to find someone to stick to like glue and never let him/her go. He loves taking long walks but also napping on the sofa, just being together. He’s fine being in the company of other dogs but he doesn’t seem to care much for their presence. He slightly bullies with some males but nothing transcendental. For him we are looking for an adoption as a single dog or at most togheter with a quiet female. We would exclude the presence of children. Able to walk even in urban contexts, he is not afraid of city noises and loves traveling by car looking out the window. So if you want to live with a glue dog, contact us!

Location | Varese, Italy

Contact | | call +39 34 89 32 53 74