Age | Born November 2019
Sex | Female (Spayed)
Info | Gioia Nera is a Maremma Hound, a very popular breed within hunters for their ability and resistance while chasing and killing innocent boars in the woods. She’s been found literally starving after a bloody sunday in an area where covid-19 restrictions were active between towns to towns. They probably decided to dump her for different reasons, one amongst these the fact that she probably got pregnant. What a miserable people, you hunters! The lowest step of our society, no doubts, is what you are. But after all this shit, something might change, because GN met the right people! Some awesome guys that will relocate her in a super family where she may forget cages, old filthy men and brutal handlings. So….if you want to be part of this super story and put your brick at the end….just drop a line to the address below text us or call. GN can be adopted in Western Europe, Switzerland and North of Italy.

Location | Italy

Contact | | cell +39 34 73 18 92 88