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Thanks to the amazing people we met in animal shelters and sanctuaries all around the world. All the dogs and cats we met, some for a short ride others for a long staying with us. And sorry to all those unfortunate we could not help and in the better of cases they’re still chained to some backyard in Cyprus or detained in the worse condition ever in some Romanian lager. Sorry to all those hunting dogs we could not save to their destiny of brutality and neglect. Thanks also to all those who adopt animals instead of fatting breeders pockets.  Last but not least, thanks to One Colour is Enough for website making and maintenance.

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Rescue and animal welfare organizations we co-operate with or simply share the same results.

I Senza Cuccia | Rescue group from Bergamo, Italy   

Animali di Nessuno | Family home for abandoned dogs, Italy       

Pensiero Meticcio | Volunteers group based at Gallarate shelter, Italy 

Lunacorre | Family home for unwanted animals, Italy  

Riot Dog | The valley of rebel dogs, Italy

Stray Haven | First line volunteers and shelter from Paphos, Cyprus

Salva la Zampa | Rescue group from San Giuliano Milanese, Italy 

Save the dogs |  Operating from Cernavoda where they’ve a shelter. Hq in Milan, Italy

Rsdr | Non-profit foundation that rescues street dogs and cats in the Rudozem area, Bulgaria

Bianca | Rescue dedicated to one of the worst areas in Portugal concerning abandoned and mistreated animals, Sesimbra, Portugal

Soidog | British Foundation estabilished in SE Asia. 261,571 animals sterilised in 15 yesars, Phuket, Thailand

HSA | Protecting wildlife from bloodsports since 1963, United Kingdom

ICABS | Irish Council Against Blood Sports, Ireland

LAC | Italian League for hunt suppression, Italy

TINO | Rescue and rehoming , Hessen, Germany

HOUNDS OFF | Protecting you from hunt trespassUnited Kingdom