Age | Born December 2015
Sex | Female (Spayed)
Info | Well hi to everybody. My name is Loukia and I am a rather gorgeous Husky-cross. My background is somewhat mixed.. I lived with ‘my family’ from a very small pup up to me being 4 years old. Then, for some unexplained reason, my family did not want me anymore and took me to see my friend the vet, to be euthanised!! I am an extremely lucky dog because my vet refused to have me put to sleep, arguing that I was a very healthy dog and could be rehomed – heartfelt thanks to him. So here I am at the Shelter settling in very well indeed. I am a very healthy dog and have all my vaccinations recorded. I won’t lie, I am a little shy of people I do not know, but you give me a treat or two, and I am your friend forever – did I mention I do like my food, a lot!! Much as I have settled in at the Shelter, I too, am looking for a lovely family to adopt me – are you looking for me? If you think I would make a welcome addition to your family, please contact us: the Shelter also offers a ‘child test’ and ‘cat test’ – this will enable us to see if the dog is comfortable around small or young children and cats.

Location | Paphos, Cyprus        Contact |,                                    | call 00357 96232855