Age | Born at the of August 2017
Sex | Female and female
Info | Manga (ivory) and Frida (tawny) are two sisters, medium size, about 17Kgs. Their mum (actually spayed) was saved from the street of a little village in Calabria as she was being beaten while she was pregnant. Moved to Milan she had her babies safely. While six of them have been adopted, cared and treated properly, Manga&Frida unfortunately went through an awful destiny. The family that apparently was looking fine (adopting them togheter) started doing crazy things like leaving them all the day on the balcony, forgetting to feed them and when came the day that the man extinguished his sigarette on Frida’s head the two poor cuties were definetly taken away from those sadists. We know that is not easy to find a family that may adopt them both, but it’s worth trying. They’re not spayed yet, but will be done asap. Actually a little bit defensive and wary of men, but a good family won’t have issues at all if love and trust will be the cure.
They are used to living with children and cats.

Location | Milano, Italy

Contact | | call +39 34 73 18 29 88