Age | Born December 2010
Sex | Female (Spayed)
Info | Hi! My name is Zoula and I favour a pure breed German Shepherd. I came to the Shelter about 6 months ago in a very poor state…I was nothing but a bag of bones. My owners just dumped me at the Shelter, I am not sure why or what I did wrong….. I was so poorly when I arrived that I had to spend a few months being cared for round the clock by the lovely people of Stray Haven until I was strong enough to be integrated into the Shelter. This, of course, had its advantages…. I met a lot of lovely friends who were also being looked after and I was treated like a princess, being fussed over all day long—as it should be to my mind!! I am a very gentle, laid back dog, not known for charging around the place and creating havoc and I do love to be fussed with and given treats, short walks and cuddles from the volunteers. My health is now very good but I do have Leischmania; please do not be put off by this condition, it is very easily kept under control with daily medication..I am looking for a lovely family to adopt me – could it be you? The Shelter also offers a ‘child test’ – this will enable us to see if the dog is comfortable around small or young children.

Location | Paphos, Cyprus        Contact |,                                    | call 00357 96232855